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Voyage to Crete, Greece

Traveling with children can be hard, because they are young and we cannot control them at times.

At "Vincent's Voyage" blog, I would like to provide tips and present places to people who are looking to travel with they kids/babies.

In May 2017, when Vincent was 8months old, we visited Cretan Malia Park Hotel 4*.

Lovely place, totally recommend it for family holidays. All you need is here, starting with baby cot and ending with children pool. Not to mention the animation team, kids food and plenty of baby chairs near the dinner table.

Greek people in general are very friendly, supportive and helpful.

Crete is a lovely island with plenty of sights and tourist attractions. Comfortable to rent a car and drive around if you get bored of hotel sights.

Visited in May, 2017 together with Novaturas and Smallplanetairlines.

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