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Children brands from Lithuania - Anchovy

Guys, this is next level. I would say Cosmos level. The technology, the looks, the branding.

One of those hidden gems I was talking about. One of the reasons why I wanted to write this blog.

I could not believe their origins are Lithuanian, because they are so different. But they are from Lithuania, just that they moved to California recently and they do their branding in collaboration with various artists worldwide.

As they say, "Anchovy" is a blend of fashion and technology.

"We create interactive experiments that bring children's play into unique patterns of our pieces".

Their branding includes an Anchovy App, which turns your words into beautiful color gradients that can be sent as real paper postcards to anywhere in the world or shared with friends on Facebook Messenger. Gradients are also digitally printed on pure linen & silk and turned into unique clothes & scarves for both children and women.

Melting is the main theme of Anchovy’s AW17-18 collection patterns. Clothing designs explore shapes and forms of melting glaciers, running water, pieces of ice. Fabrics include soft velvet, British wool weaved by Hainsworth mill, Italian cotton.

Their main product is pure line kids wear, but they also do jewellerry, luxurious silk scarves and I am sure other things are on the way.

Find them on Facebook or Instagram.

All pictures below belong to the brand.

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