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Sweet Sunday - Dzy Dzy Design

Guys, I have just been blown away by the cuteness and beauty of this jewelry!

Not only for moms, but for girls its a must accessory if you want to be noticed and stand out from the crowd.

This miniature food jewelry is created by Greta, an art loving fashion designer from Lithuania. Dzy Dzy design is a part of her life. It's colorful world full of sweet jewelry, inspired by desserts, pop art and surrealism. Her friendship with sculpting began in 2008. It started as a little hobby after school, where she used to make some jewelry for herself. But a few earrings later, she noticed that all of her classmates started to ask if she could make something for them. That's how a little hobby started to become a business. According to her, jewelry should be inspiring and happy, like a statement reflecting a mood.

Colorful contemporary handmade earrings, necklaces and brooches are all made out of polymer clay with 925 silver details. All hand made, without any cliches or forms, therefore every piece is unique and different.

CAUTION: this jewelry is a copy of your favorite desserts, but it is not a toy and therefore not suitable for the little ones.

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All pictures below belong to the brand.

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