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On a rainy day - Ducktail Raincoats

I am a big fan of "there is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing" saying.

And Ducktail Raincoats proves that rain can be fun and even stylish!

Ducktail Raincoats is an extraordinary rainwear brand defined by its quality, functionality and modern style. Their main mission is to protect people from the rain in style. Ducktail Raincoats will make you stand out with exceptional details and unique color combinations.

What I like the most about their raincoats are the details - large zipped hoodie and zipped tail, which can be changed in to different colors. In addition, raincoat easily folds into a handbag and it has two sided front zipper. Besides, they offer rainwear not only for children, but their parents as well. So you can have a little copy of you wearing the same raincoat on a rainy day.

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All pictures below belong to the brand.

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