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Baltai balta baby books

According to U. Bronfenbrenner: Every child needs at least one adult who is irrationally crazy about him or her. I could not agree more to those words and the idea that came to Baltai balta's mind.

Baltai balta once had an idea to put on a clean, tasty, blue and rosy tone-free baby book. Perhaps nothing surprising is that this idea was born in the newly baked mother's mind. Mother's, who fell in love with her miracle so much that she lost her mind. Since the baby was born, there were so many happy moments, which she wanted to document and not to forget. Once her own little notebook got lost, she started to be creative...

In one book, I wanted to have simplicity and prominence, warmth and comfort; highlight the beauty of the touch of the hands and the press. And yes, after a long conversation with the painters, printers, bookbinders and even Italy itself, a Baltai Balta baby album was born.

This baby book is dedicated to those who want to give their miracles a memory of care and love they have been given, how important were their first smiles, gouging, turning, steps, words ... It's a shame, but these wonderful memories disappear quickly, leaving only good feelings. The baby book will thoroughly protect these memories and will tell a lot to the already grown up man or woman.

Baby Vincent is not a baby anymore, but I always wanted to have this kind of book about him and I think I am going to fix this mistake very soon.

In addition, Baltai balta offers baptismal books, canvas and posters.

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