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Voyage to Antalya, Turkey

Last time I was in Turkey, it was 13 years ago and at that time I promised to myself that I am not coming back anytime soon.. This is because of bothering attention of the locals, persistent ask to buy their stuff and huge mess throughout the country.

However, our son Vincent got ill the night before our flight to Zakynthos and we had to cancel our trip to this Greek island. Since it was the last flight to that destination by Novaturas agency our agent offered as an alternative to go to Antalya, Turkey.

And I must say it might have been a better choice than going to Greek island, because:

1. October in Turkey was still amazingly hot - up to 34ºC during the day and 20ºC in the evenings

2. We stayed at an amazingly posh hotel, with an all inclusive package, meaning that everywhere you go, eat, drink, use - all is free of charge.

This is very handy with the kids,- no need to worry that they might get hungry at times when the restaurant is closed as there are many other cafes, beach bars, local food corners for them to eat out.

Of course, parents were happy about it too. I mean who wouldn't like unlimited free ice cream every day?

3. So many activities not only for kids, but also for parents - beach volley, windsurfing, air gun, pilates, water gym, turkish hamam massage, live music, dance shows, night parties and so on...

The hotel had a huge Kids Club with cinema and playrooms inside as well as outside. Daily train ride was a huge like by our son Vincent and many other children attractions were in place. Kids swimming pool was the best thing on our last holidays in Crete, but this time we avoided it, since we were informed of the Coxsakievirus infection before going to Turkey. Instead, Vincent swam in the warm sea with us or in the bath at our huge room.

Although there were some down points of the trip - like very early flight (we had to wake up at 3 a.m.), mostly Russian tourists and staff - do not get surprised if anywhere you go, starting with welcome to the hotel, to beach volley, they will talk Russian to you. But I heard that before going to Turkey and quite soon got used to it.

My husband likes slow holidays, and by slow I mean laying on the beach or by the pool with a good book. But since I am a fan of active holidays, I convinced my husband on going by bus to Antalya (it is not recommended to rent a car in Turkey because of its messy driving) and I regretted it after the trip. We had a plan on visiting 5 tourist attractions in very widely scarced locations and all I can remember was sitting on a bus with a whimpering kid.

Overall, it was one of the best slow holidays I have had with hot weather, delicious food, friendly locals and many entertainment activities. The name of our hotel was Calista Luxury resort 5* and I would definitely recommend it, even though from the people I met on holidays, I heard that it can get better than what we had in other Turkish hotels. Something to think about for future holidays....