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OXOX kids - fashion forward Lithuanian brand

Do you remember the favorite childhood game "Tictactoe"? That's what OXOX name was named after.

I personally love the looks, the clothes and the models who represent it.

It is so beautiful and 'out of this world', that I let you see yourself.

OXOX is a brand of children clothes and accessories that are made in Lithuania. They design and make clothing for boys and girls who are 62 -164 cm high. Clothes are fun to wear, they are durable with anti-allergic properties, made from organic materials. They are also decorated with characters beloved by all children.

Our designers pay great attention to the construction of clothes aiming to make them comfortable so that they do not restrict any movements.

In order to create children's favorite clothes, which are also valued by their parents, OXOX invited children to create their collections together with designers. OXOX high quality garments are playful, bright and functional. They are meant to wear every day – in kindergarten and at home or to play sports in the yard. Parents will find various clothes for a 3 months old babies as well as for a 10 years old schoolchildren.

My son Vincent already tested OXOX so I can say with confidence that they are offering a really good product that you and your children will enjoy daily and long.

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All pictures below belong to the brand.