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Vilnos namai or WOOL HOUSE 1936

WOOL HOUSE is a family enterprise with the tradition traced back to 1936. Original design clothing created in our manufactory is knitted of 100% pure wool using wool yarn made maintaining countryside yarn traditions. These are just some reasons why our clothing is so pleasant, warm and healthy to wear.

Elder people still remember pre-war winters as especially cold and freezing, warm woolen wear was in high demand, so knitting manufactory soon became very popular. The evidence of grandparents' business is still alive in pictures, knitting machines and an old advertising billboard.

Today WOOL HOUSE is known as the traditional woolen wear producer that designs and manufactures original clothing collections made of high quality natural wool yarn. Woolen garments protects you from the cold, since wool adapts nicely to the body temperature, 'locks' the body heat in and at the same time allows body to breathe. On the other hand, when the temperature is warm, wool will start to 'sweat' absorbed moisture and decrease the temperature, so you will not feel the heat. That is why woolen wear is comfortable both for cold and hot weather.

WOOL HOUSE garments range from socks, hats and scarfs to cardigans and coats. I value WOOL HOUSE for its experience, distinctive design and careful hand-made work, which make them stand out from other manufacturers. And I especially like their last editorial campaign. Check it out!

Find them on Facebook or Instagram. All pictures below belong to the brand.