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Are you expecting a baby soon? Or already growing a toddler? If so, I would like to present you another amazing Lithuanian brand BUGTOHUG.

Asta Padagaite is behind this brand and she really likes to knit. She also likes to discuss at length the issues of children and women. Quality is what Asta values in our daily life, our emotions, and our experiences. Her three fantastic children have been her main inspiration as well as her guinea piglets in creating and growing BUGTOHUG.

The bug symbol was born alongside the twins, and her youngest daughter further increased her drive to create garments that are indispensable to both child and mother. She knows everything there is to know about each BUGTOHUG sweater. In other words, as perfectionist in he work, she will never be happy to think this is ‘good enough’ or ‘this will do.’ Asta lives and breathes each item, pushing around the millimeters in measurements and watching it change with wear, and she is certain that a BUGTOHUG garment can serve your family for generations. This is her obsession, her hobby, her freedom — and her immense satisfaction in what she does.

Their main assortment is for kids, but you can find something for mums as well. Price range is from 20EUR for the socks to 89EUR for the shawl.

I have not tried BUGTOHUG garments yet, but willing to do so very soon. Especially when the cold season is on its way!

Find them on Facebook or Instagram.

All pictures below belong to the brand.