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Designer Diana Paukstyte & her new collection for the little girls

Designer Diana Paukštyte, a well-known costume designer, has just released a mini-collection for young stylists, inspired by her own daughter. Her daughter Adriana, who is seven years old, has not only invited her mother to create miniature versions of her popular dresses, but also became a model of the collection.

One day Diana realized that her daughter has nothing to wear for her first day of school. Therefore, she had a thought of reducing the sketch of a lady's dress, from which the seamstress offered an incredibly attractive kid's version. The result was amazing, as they could not stop looking at it as well as the people on the street, who gave a lot of compliments for her daughters new look.

Such outfit paired with a wide-haired hat made her daughter a little star, of who street tourists were making photographs and classmates were asking where did she get such a dress.

I never had a thought of creating for children, but after Adriana's unexpected dress success I thought why not create a few small dresses that reflect my style. If this dress has made my daughter happy, maybe I can make other little girls happy? Today, I really do not have the ambition to create large collections for girls but we'll see what happens in the future, - she said.

Diana presented her 8th fashion collection this year, which received special attention and became one of the biggest sensations of Mados Infekcija festival. Currently, D. Paukštyte collections for women are already being sold not only in Lithuania, but also in Latvia, Switzerland, Spain and even in Kazakhstan.

Me and Vincent can only wish Diana will create something for the boys or Vincent will have a sister soon :)

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All pictures below belong to the designer.