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Voyage to Sardinia, Italy

My old and very good friend Kristina and her family visited Sardinia, one of Italian islands this October. She would like to tell you her amazing story on traveling with two little kids.

Because our children are still quite small – Mindaugelis is nearly 4, Gintaryte is 1 year old, we choose trips according to their interests, i.e. so that the journey is as easy as possible to them. At the same time, it is important that I and my husband could rest and enjoy our time together with the family. Indeed, I could travel and travel, since the experiences on trips give life different colors, and are lived up to the next trip.

What are your main criteria for choosing a trip? Direct and convenient flight (about 3 hours), really good hotel, delicious food, beautiful environment and, of course, good weather. For children, we always choose a hotel on the seafront and e a sandy beach is a must.

Why did you choose this country? Because we are fascinated with Italy, its architectural heritage, beautiful surroundings and delicious food. We would love to see more of it, but while children are still little we look for more passive relaxation.

I think that Sardinia is the ideal choice for autumn travel, because of the weather (26°C for all days, 25°C for the water, the sun was not dangerous, so it was not necessary to hide children from the sun for a long time), beautiful environment (white sand beaches, clear sea water and cliffs) and delicious food (especially gelato, although I'm not a big fan of ice cream). The only drawback of the trip was a very early flight.

How was your hotel? Since it was the end of the season and Italians take their free time seriously, the hotel was somewhat disappointing. We wished for a more varied food, especially during breakfast (for example, there was no porridge); from 3pm until dinner there was no open restaurant (snack bar only). However, the beautiful environment, delicious fish dishes and incredibly delicious Tiramisu bought back everything. In general, the hotel is very family friendly - for children, there is a games room and outdoor playground, and kid’s discos were live in the evenings. Unfortunately, there was no adult entertainment, but you could use a spa or fitness room instead.

Did you go out of the hotel for sightseeing? Yes, we visited the little town Villasimus, within 7 km from the hotel, where we had the most delicious gelato ever (maybe more delicious were only in Naples), bought a few leather items from a local leather specialist and tasted some local wine. We were fascinated by the town’s beautiful streets and cozy little houses.

Is it hard to travel with two little kids? I do not agree that it is not possible to rest when going on holiday with two little kids. You just have to be prepared that this relaxation will be slightly different. You cannot do things that you would of course do when travelling without kids – go hiking in the mountains or stay longer at the hotel bar, but you can do many other things and traveling with children strengthens the family. Our elderly child keeps asking when will we go on a journey again?

Kristina traveled with Novaturas and stayed at a 5*Falkensteiner Capo Boi Premium Family Resort in Sardinia, Italy.

All pictures below belong to the hotel.