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Lithuanian brand - Zebra I can see

It‘s amazing when you ride

Joyful zebra in the night

And in the morning when it rains

Children travel on the train

Lemon juices from the sky

Say hello and say goodbye

That‘s a little secret lie

That organic dress & skirts

Doesn‘t fit to small young girl!

Zebra brand is fun and new

Like fresh pumpkin in a stew

It‘s with colors, dots and stripes

That‘s what children really like

Counting down to one to threee

Zebra zebra, can you see?!

Do you remember another children's brand Mummymoon? I blogged about it on one of the first my blog posts. Zebra I can see comes from the family of Mummymoon and offers organic clothes for busy kids.

Zebra I Can See is a new brand - it started only in February, 2017. It tells stories about children who use their imagination in the most boring situations. They see zebras, crocodiles and people from moon where rational, naive-dying and after-work adults would not find even when looking. Kids are newcomers to this world, they are all amazed and at the same time seem persuasive until you say "it does not exist". That's why Zebra I Can See is dedicated to the imagination of the mighty, the invisible friends of the creators and the fantasy factory directors.

I and my son Vincent would love to have some of Zebra I can see clothes, as we are amazed on how much imagination it screams. Colorful, brightful, fantastic!

Check out their SS17 and AW17 collections.

Find them on Facebook or Instagram.

All pictures below belong to the brand.