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Advent Calendar - Stebuklų Eglutė

Waiting for Christmas is a magical time when you want to introduce some family traditions and give your children as many magic moments as possible.

Advent Calendar from Stebuklu Eglute lets you do it every day until the 25th of December.

It is a very beautiful tradition, which has been fostered for many years in many Lithuanian homes. The Christmas tree come in a variety of shapes, but this one very ecological, since once you have purchased it you can use it annually only by exchanging the notes which Elf sent. You can order them different every year from our wonderful Christmas tree team.

The Christmas tree is made by beautiful mother Simona, who stress the importance on spending time with the family. Stebuklu eglute is made of ECO wood, planed boards, so the little ones will remain healthy and safe.

Envelopes are fastened with knobs, where miracles are waiting for you.

Stebuklu eglute have provided interesting family activities inside the envelopes and you will only have to take care of tiny surprises: sweets, healthy snacks or stickers. When you open the envelope and golden stars sparkle the room...

You may wonder what is inside the envelope?

Elfs put their beautiful missions inside, which are nicely numbered and packed. Each day is like a magic tale, it begins with knowing the secret mission. Every year, children are encouraged to run for a Christmas tree and reveal sweet secrets.

The Christmas tree from Stebuklu eglute tasks are tailored for two different age categories according to missions: Kids from 2 to 5 years old Grown ups from 6 - 12 years old

Christmas tree contains 25 envelopes: • 5 envelopes will invite children to do beautiful things • 5 envelopes will bring the family together and let them have fun at the same time • 5 envelopes will be cognitive, which will tell you the most interesting facts about Christmas P.S. Enforcement missions are mandatory for everyone. • Other 10 envelopes are taken care by the parents themselves. An additional 10 different envelopes are added to the Christmas tree, which means that the envelope contains a gift.

It is up to the parents what gifts they would like to include. Every parent knows best what his child is most pleased with, and what tales or incentives are most relevant to him or her.

I especially like this Christmas tree from Stebuklu Eglute, because Vincent is still quite little and very curious to check what the tree is made of. Last year we had a natural Christmas tree from my mums garden, but I had to move it to the balcony, since Vincent wanted to touch it all the time. Therefore, Christmas tree from Stebuklu Eglute would fit perfectly since it is quite stable and the needles are not falling from it. We would just have to adjust to the closest age group...

Prices of this Christmas tree start from 69EUR a piece.

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All pictures belong to the brand.