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Keep it warm with Tiny Wool

When I wrote to Tiny Wool asking to tell more about them, the owner was very shy to talk about themselves. So cute, that such a great brand, products stand in front of such a normal, not inflated and nice person.

So here is their story....

It all started when their daughter Maja was born. Her loving grandmother started knitting the most beautiful things for her! And later, when the son was born grandmas creations inspired the owner too! Once I knitted my daughter a cardigan and received a lot of compliments, so I realized that I needed to make this bigger than only my kids.

The name Tiny Wool was also all thought through for more than half a year, when one day it came to her head. All Tiny Wool sweaters are made from wool and all tested beforehand on themselves. We try to choose the best wool possible at the most attractive price to our customers.

It is still a very fresh brand, which started with cardigans in May and now their assortment is growing exponentially. All created in a beautiful home in Telsiai, Lithuania.

Myself and Vincent love the color palette, the knitting patterns and we are very much looking forward to try them. Yes, not only for the little ones, but for myself as well!

Have a look yourself, your tiny ones will love it!

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All pictures belong to the brand.