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Real gems for mums - Simona Samajauskaitė Jewellery

Simona Samojauskaite Jewellery is a fine jewellery brand that specializes in jewels made from noble metals and reflecting the aesthetics of nowadays. Fuss-free, unpretentious jewellery is distinguishable for its subtlety and lightness; it emphasizes femininity and elegance. Highest quality creations represent our modern times but they are also a symbol of timelessness.

Simona presented her first collection ELEMENT in 2015. It’s jewellery classics, expressed in the purest geometrical forms. The collection is composed of four principal elements: line, dot, surface and circle. The creations are extremely light, if not weightless, capable of becoming a harmonious part of the body. They are meant for every day wearing, but the design is universal, making them suitable for even the most special occasions.

In May 2016, Simona presented her second collection MARINE, which is inspired by cultivated Japanese Akoya pearls. It’s a quintessentially contemporary collection that oozes insouciant luxury. The title is a reference to the provenance of pearls, the sea. These creations represent homage to nature wonders and invite to have at least the tiniest bit of them in your own jewellery box. They are characterized by youthfulness; the lightness and aesthetics reflect the modern conception of jewellery.

In November 2016, Simona presented the results of a creative collaboration with designer Egle Ziemyte – jewellery line for the D.EFECT brand. This collection, inspired by D.EFECT Autumn-Winter season clothes, is characterized by impressive undulating forms – a motif which transcends the usual repertoire of Simona’s works.

Her newest collection EARTH is dedicated to earth and its most extraordinary works. The creator combined her ideas into a line of jewellery decorated with diamonds, which have become her largest creation so far. The earth gives man the diamonds, gold and silver, and the jeweler combines them into a new whole, transforming the meaning of a work of art.

Products range from earrings to wedding rings. All handcrafted in Vilnius, Lithuania.

I love the fuss-free, minimalistic, light and elegant Simona Samajauskaite Jewellery.

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