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Unlabel kids is a lifestyle brand based in Lithuania. They provide well-dressed and relaxed look for girls using fine materials and uncompromising quality. Collections are dedicated to city girls who want to grow faster. Like the sand, they wan't to stand still while dreaming their summer dream.

UNLABEL also offers women’s clothing, dedicated to a 25+ modern woman for emotional living with herself and the surrounding sensual world. The natural and subtle colour palette of the garments creates the feeling of comfort while wearing them all the time.

UNLABEL invites you to unveil your original sense of style without following any anonymous fashion trends. In the changing world of vanishing boundaries between formal and leisure wear, they offer you a clothing concept, which allows you to feel relaxed and stylish in every situation.

In UNLABEL they believe that the tender vibes of their creations will inspire their followers to enjoy harmony in the time and place they live.

I love their collections, and only dream of having a girl as my second child! Or hoping that UNLABEL kids will start a line for the boys soon :)

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All pictures belong to the brand