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BELLY BAGS - so Fashion!

When I wrote to Belly Bags to find out their story, I found a very nice lady Egle behind all of this, who once left an office job, dropped from a medicine company and started to follow her dream of doing something what she really enjoys. I think this story should be an inspiration to everyone, that everything is possible, you do not need to do what most of the people do, just for the sake of it. You should do what you love and everybody else will love what you do. I do not know how, but even though I have not met Egle face to face, I can feel the love coming from her creations.

How to match style and convenience? Perhaps it was the main reason why Egle started to develop what is now slowly moving forward. The idea of creating "Belly Bags" came from a desire to present something new and unnoticed to the Lithuanian market. At that time, the so-called "Waist Bags" - bags/wallets on the waist - came back to fashion all around the world. Egle, together with her former colleague, had an idea to bring this in Lithuanian market, because nothing similar was present here.

It was clear, that it will not be easy, because the majority of the people still associated Belly Bags with old times, marketers or elderly tourists. It took a lot of time, work and sleepless nights to make a dream that seemed impossible to become reality. Egle wanted to prove to everyone that a comfortable item and a stylish item can be one and the same thing.

From the very beginning she was not afraid to choose bright colors and colorful patterns, which is not very acceptable to the mentally minded Lithuanian people, because black and gray handbags still take over the market. But she risked and the response was just awesome. Belly bags received a lot of support and nice feedback that finally there was something really interesting and unique on the market.

How did this brand caught my attention?

The bags are very universal and can be transformed into different types. The same model can be worn on the shoulder, waist or arm. When first bags were presented to the market a lot of interest has come from young mothers and pregnant women. Because who knows better than they how comfort and versatility is important? No longer you have to think about where to put your phone, keys and other important things when you go out for a stroll.

The handbags from Belly Bags are also an indispensable accessory when traveling, where convenience and versatility play an integral part. For urban style and fashionistas, it has become a detail of style that makes everyday combinations more engaging and eye-catching.

Belly Bags has been around for almost 2 years now, so the range of customers and assortment is expanding. The desire to reach an even larger and more diverse audience encourages the creation of more diverse and even more exclusive models where every woman or girl finds the most suitable option.

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All pictures belong to the brand.