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Ms Drauge or Ms Friend brooches from Lithuania

Small, but will catch your attention, shiny, but will let you fantasize - your "Ms. Friend ". "Ms. Friend "is unique and limited edition hand-made brooches. Not only for yourself but also for the little ones. Your little "Ms. Friend" brooch is hand made only of high quality and best raw materials, so that everywhere you go, you would look incredible with it. "Ms. Friend "is a result of thorough job, an individual design and a hint of your style.

You may wonder how did Ms Friend start? Creator Ariana Berezh is behind all of this, and if not her daughter's birth, she would probably be still sitting in the office, with a boring job and no highlights in her life. Again, heard this a lot - children inspire a lot!

Why brooches? Because it's a special piece of jewelry, it's not just a bead, the attachment of the brooch is a proud moment itself. There is also very limited choice in Lithuania of such stylish brooches...

Ms Friend will show you how to wear it, how to combine with different pieces of clothing, it will let you fantasize!

I would love to have one for myself. Santa, can you hear me? :)

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All pictures belong to the brand.