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Majula Accessories for girls

I can feel the Christmas spirit already, do you know why? Because I just saw the newest collection from Majula Handmade accessories.

The woman behind all of this is Laura, who is a mother of three and she knows very well how to disclose every girl's or woman's individuality. Children is a big miracle, they helped to find her forgotten creativity, which was lost in daily routine and "important" jobs. Laura is very happy to share her creations and sense of style with other women. Her favorite colour is white, favorite cloth - silk.

Majula Handmade follows philosophy of being stylish at the same time as being yourself. Majula Handmade accessories encourages you not to be afraid to experiment, combine looks which may look incompatible, do not copy and discover your true self - free, creative and stylish personality. The accessories from Majula Handmade are made for romantic, modern and a little bohemian personality. It is very exciting, that on every woman, accessories look and unfold differently.

Future plans of Majula Handmades is to expand by introducing wedding accessories as well increase the variety of children accessories.

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