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Berry lights will light up your heart & room

Christmas magic is all around us, light it up with Berry lights colorful bulb garlands!

Berry lights team believes that beautiful things can make people happy.

Their goal is to make colorful ball/bulb garlands, which will fill your house with joy and happiness and make it a little bit more colorful.

Berry lights invite you to dive into the colors of the game by choosing a dream garland or selecting their specially designed sets for you. You can choose from a Christmas - inspired set, which starts to sound like Christmas music right when it comes to ears. Or you can go for any other color, occasion or mood of the day when choosing the bulbs.

All bulbs are handmade from cotton, consisting of glowing balls.

In addition, Berry lights offers the cutest wing-shaped cushion, which will create a playful mood in your kid's room. This is an exceptional and modern interior detail as well as a toy. The cushion-wings come in pastel colors and are perfect fitting with your room decor. Besides, the cushion has laces that will let you put a cushion on the shoulders and play/fly in the room, thus creating a sleek imagination for the child.

Last but not least, Berry lights makes pet charms, which are unique, since there is a different baby pet at the bottom that will protect their new host. This is not only a gorgeous accessory for children, but also a great educational tool about animals. Each pendant comes in a gift box, so it's a great gift for the little ones.

With Berry lights you can be creative and spread the magic at your home!

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