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Voyage to Simboly hotel @ Harmony park, Prienai

After a special occasion this summer we visited this 5*star hotel together with our son Vincentas.

We went to city Prienai for special reasons, but we were also looking for calmness, luxury, quality as well physical and mental restoration. From the very first steps into the hotel, we could smell the oriental scents, hear the dreamy music as well as feel very welcomed.

They have a wide selection of rooms available, we went for the standard room and it was more than what you would expect for a standard room in any other hotel. Spacious, tasteful, comfortable and very luxurious.

With regards to the food - we only had breakfast there, but the food met our demands. There is no buffet breakfast, like in most of the hotels, but we were happy of what we found on the menu. I especially liked the fact that the food is made from fresh produce mostly supplied by local farms, their own gardens including locally-picked mushrooms, berries and herbs.

There is also a SPA area with saunas, swimming pools, Turkish hammam & various other things to offer. However, children are only allowed to enter this area until 3pm and therefore I think that this hotel is more suitable for couples rather than families with children. There is not much for them to do there - we did not find any Play area designed for kids, therefore used the pool as well as other lounge areas, more suitable for adults.

We have not tried the SPA, but instead went for a walk in the beautiful area of Harmony Park. Harmony Park is the place where life exists within an incomparable environment of nature – centuries-old forests, young oakery, bird songs, fresh air and inspiring peacefulness. The park is famous for its various symbols that embody the human desire to connect, rekindling the good origins and development of consciousness. It was a beautiful summer day and we really enjoyed our walk. Especially because it was the best surroundings for our sleeping baby Vincent.

In general, it looks like the hotel has considered even the the smallest detail: from a tiny tile in the mosaic on the wall to the constellation-like light compositions, as well as luxurious chandeliers shimmering with Italian elegance. We loved our stay there, and will definitely come back one day!

Visit their website to find out more or use Booking.com to book your trip there.