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Le SLAP - la mode avant Lithuanian brand

Le SLAP is a statement fashion clothing brand. As for the meaning, it is the combination of two English and French words - “SLAP” meaning raw, current and edgy fashion with a mild French touch of “Le”.

I like the fact that there is French touch in this brand, because VincentsVoyage also cosists of a French word. I wanted to have it since I have French routes myself. My aunt is from Luxembourg and I lived there for some time, therefore wanted have half French brand name. And that is how VincentsVoyage was born.

Le SLAP strives to create stand-out-pieces. Vaida and Jurate are the mad founders behind the brand, who are true believers in creating real seasonless fashion with insane excellence. I especially love the fact that they are both mothers and Le SLAP is not the only responsibility they have to deal with. I admire woman, who do amazing things while growing their kids at the same time. Their example is not the only one, but I really hope that this will push forward other woman who say there is no time to do something else, while you are growing your kid. Le SLAP creators are also frequent travelers with kids, and I can promise you some travel stories from them soon on the blog.

Vaida and Jurate have created Le SLAP so you will not have to guess what is fashionable now. No more fashion wonders, no more ‘what to wear’ struggles - Le SLAP is the answer.

They are fans of mantra 'more is more', so all the styles are crafted as true fashion statement pieces and give you a perfect va-va-voom effect. Their deep know-how helps provide you the “fashion connoisseur” service and make you look like a jewel in the crown. One piece of Le SLAP and people will stare…

I love people, who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd and are working their assess off to follow their dreams. It looks like everyone is getting crazy about Le SLAP, not only locally, but also abroad. You can find their production already in London's Topshop and I am sure other places will fight for their clothes very soon. We cannot wait what will come next from Le SLAP. Très bon!

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All pictures belong to the brand.