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LuLu moccasins to warm your and your kids feet up

I do not know if I told you, but Vincent started stepping his first steps just a few weeks ago. Since then, I started looking for warm socks/shoes/moccasins to warm his feet up. And then I found this great brand LuLu making moccasins from natural materials in variety of colors and styles. What is more, I found amazingly stylish baby leggings and lamb fur slippers for adults so you do not get jealous to your kids.

How did LuLu started? It was two best girlfriends mutual passion for babies fashion. In fact, everything started with a beautiful friendship, which led to buying a gift for a friend of theirs. That gift made them think that they could do better and much nicer.

LuLu - their brand name - evolved from an old cartoon "Adventures of penguin Lolo". LoLo, LuLu - a bit of imagination and their brand name was decided. Their logo, which was painted by themselves, was drafted the same night on a wine napkin. I love that - all ideas come to mind unexpectedly!That is how Vincentsvoyage was born, I was cooking for my family and suddenly it came to my mind, what if....?

They try to do everything themselves - all materials are collected by them, inspected, photos are taken by their iPhones, part of them are in DIY'ed "white box", another part in their backyards and some other inspiring places that they stumble upon eventually. They try to do their best in communication with customers, if needed - give fashion and clothes-matching tips for their special occasions. LuLu project is another way for them to become closer as friends and to do things together, that really inspires them and other people.

Have a look, maybe it will inspire you too?

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All pics belong to the brand.