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Swingy Nest - a dream place for a baby to sleep

Wow wow wow! When I saw it, I thought I went to heaven. Is this even real? It looks like from a fairy tale for me. I wish we saw this before Vincent was born!

Swingy Nest is all about beautiful, stylish and safe baby cradles & baby - toddler swings! Organic and durable materials for extra safety - simply the BEST hanging cradles and BEST baby swings for the little heroes!

Giving a gift of sleep to a baby is one of the best things parents can do to their newborn child. A sleep that is calm and unbroken. A sleep that makes a baby feel safe and secure. Swingy Nest hanging cradle creates a small space, a cozy swaying nest, a fine first baby bed for the first and most important months in her or his life. Made from natural materials by loving hands and with every detail in mind: to make the hanging baby cradle a perfect place for a baby to sleep, to make it a beautiful space saving interior detail and to help the parenthood be even more enjoyable.​

The Swingy Nest hanging cradle mimics the womb-like environment for newborn sleep: it provides a gentle rhythmic swinging motion that helps babies relax easier, fall into a deep sleep faster and stay asleep longer. The cradle is designed for newborn sleep up to approximately 7 to 9 months, depending on the rate at which your infant grows and develops. It is suited for babies who weigh up to 10 kg.

The idea of Swingy Nest came to life when the creator Sandra expected her first son Benediktas. They knew that for 9 months he was used to swaying movements from his mom. They thought of the solution how could they prolong at least a little similar environment for their son after his birth. A place where their baby could stay and sleep safely, cozily and comfortably. Remembering the stories of their grandparents how useful a hanging cradle was for them growing their children they decided to make one for their child. So the first Swingy Nest hanging cradle was born. Their second child Jonas was born recently and he is already experiencing the benefits of the hanging cradle.

Swingy Nest is really a dream place for baby to sleep...

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