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Egzotique - a secret woman's weapon

Lingerie is a secret woman's weapon. There is a saying that by wearing sexy underwear, it gives you self-confidence, and it does not matter that only you know about it. If you still do not know Egzotique brand from Lithuania, you are definitely missing out. I already have a few pieces from them and love it for its fresh looks, quality and the sexy feel.

As I mentioned in my other posts, Vincentsvoyage is a blog not only for kids, but for their mums and dads as well. Egzotique is a very good example how you should always strive to feel beautiful, attractive to others and most of all to yourself. When you love yourself, others will love you back. Giving birth and growing kids may sometimes destroy our figures in one or another way, but I think that every woman is beautiful in the body she feels that she is beautiful and especially with the help of Egzotique. I think all men would agree.

Karin and Taja are two best friends and the founders of the brand, which was born without any business plan in 2013. First they started with swimming suits, later moved on to wider assortment and now creates mostly lingerie and underwear. All began because they could not find anything nice for themselves in the market. It was hard at the beginning because both of them had various other jobs, but having received a lot of attention, they knew it was worth it.

Egzotique products are created for women, who value delicacy, personality and the natural touch. Most of them are limited edition, because the fabrics that it has been created with are very scarce. Every item is handmade, personalized and customized. Even the packaging looks amazing. At Egzotique, everything looks thought through and made with highest love, so we, as woman, feel sexy, special and beautiful!

Totally recommend it.

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