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Voyage to Bali, Indonesia

I would like to tell you a travel story about a beautiful girl Junita and her husband, who went to Bali a few years ago with their 10 months old daughter Liucija. We met Junita and Liucija just recently at Mazuju valdos Kindergarden. And she was very excited to tell her travel stories for me, because they travel a lot with a family. Now with two little girls.

But lets go back to Bali...You may think that Bali is far, and it is hard to travel so far and exotic with a little child, but their story will prove you different. How did they decide to go there? Well, in Lithuania it gets really dark and cold during winter time, so it is a perfect time to run somewhere nice and warm. Junita together with her husband used to go to South of Asia for a month or more during winter time, and they decided to give it a try with their little daughter as well.

First they did a test-flight to Turkey and saw that it was harder to travel with a child, but still as much fun as before. When Liucija was already a bit bigger, they chose Bali as their next travel destination. They have been to Indonesia already as a couple and knew that Bali is very touristic and loved by families with kids. The tips that Junita wants to give when traveling on a long flight:

1. If possible, take your mother or other relative with you

2. Choose flights around the time when your child is napping or going for a nights sleep

Then you will not have any problems. Of course, the total flight time was 20 hours, and in the end everyone gets tired, but the views you get when you arrive totally buys it all.

With regards to the hotels - they did not book any hotels in advance, since they knew a local person, where they stayed at the beginning for some time. During their stay there, they did a lot of sightseeing, visited many recommended restaurants and other places. In other words, they received a lot of needed advice, and planned their next days of holidays. Before coming to Bali, they only had a plan to visit the city of Ubud and lay on the beach:) Ubud is the city that they chose for their later stay,- its loved by tourists, has an insanely beautiful monkey forest, museums, local theater and so on...

During their stay in Ubud, Junita and her family wanted to visit coffee plantations and therefore chose a mountain hotel for their stay. From there they used to go to see waterfalls and rice terraces. In addition, they also visited the nearby Trawagan island, which was recommended by friends. It takes 1.5 hours to reach this island with a boat. This island had a very kid-friendly hotel, compared to the other hotels that they stayed in Ubud. When it was time to go back to Ubud - it appeared that due to bad weather conditions there were no boats sailing, only the freight ferry, which took 14 hours to take them back to Ubud! It was a bit of a nightmare on that ferry, since it was packed with people, no place to sit, etc. Its good that they paid extra for some kind of matrice, where they could all lay down. Last days were spent in Kuta, which is famous for its nightlife, restaurants and beach clubs.

With regards to food - Bali was one of their best trips from this perspective. Junita has never tasted such good food anywhere they went. There is plenty of fresh fruit, veggies and cheap fresh fish for little children. For babies, there is not so much choice, even in supermarkets. However, you can make arrangements in the restaurants to fulfill your babies needs.

Local people are very nice and friendly.

Overall, South of Asia is not Turkey, of course, where you can get all inclusive service around you. You have to adjust a lot to your child's needs when traveling around. Also it is not very clean compared to European resorts, but cleaner than other Asian resorts, so you have to be careful with your child's health. But Bali is very civilized and you should not be afraid that you are going to 3rd world country. Junita suggests to be more attentive to tropical weather (how to protect yourself from mosquitoes, have a good sun cream and plenty of fast drying clothes) and not to civilizational differences.

If you want to experience warm weather, beautiful nature, delicious food and some exotics, go to Bali! Junita and her family would love to come back there!

See her travel pictures for your next travel inspiration!