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Flowers & Lovers

I mean who doesn't love flowers, right?

Ugne is behind this unique flower shop, she is the heart & soul of it.

She was brave to give herself this present some time ago, which was a total change in her career path. After holidays in Sicily, which is full with these kind of small business, she decided to try it herself. It is her new passion, her biggest challenge & the biggest craziness about flowers.

How was the name born? Well, flowers are a great expression of the language of love - after all, you usually give flowers when you love or you are grateful. So Flowers and Lovers match together.

Simplicity, coziness and delicate aesthetics is what Ugne wants to give away to everyone who has entrusted Flowers & Lovers flower bouquets.

When I first noticed Flowers & Lovers bouquets, I thought this studio is in New York, London or somewhere like that. It totally looks like the most beautiful bouquets from Pinterest or Instagram. I am so happy we have this beautiful lady Ugne, creating bouquets in Vilnius, Lithuania. Flowers & Lovers creations are just perfect in every way - from packaging to looks & smells. I will definitely whisper this to my husband :)

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