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A.GO atelier luxurious scents

I love all that is beautiful, stylish and luxurious. But usually you do not find much of that from our local brands. A.GO Atelier is a Lithuanian-based home scents label. And it is one, you should definitely know about.

Giedre Ona Apanaviciene is behind this brand, which is the manifestation of her life-long love affair with scents and all that is beautiful and luxurious. Travels and unforgettable memories inspired her to create something fragrant and stylish that could both decorate homes and gratify souls. In addition to awakening your senses, these scented candles will take you through a lasting memorable experience while bringing back the memories of your travels and triggering the joy of life. Giedre is very proud of her decision to craft the scented candles that are both fragrant and modern. The A.GO brand signifies the best memories of her life and, thus, is also a part of her.

A.GO brand name was created from first letters of founders full name (Giedre Ona Apanaviciene) and this word means "some time before" (ago). Every scent reminds of best memories from the past.

A.GO products range from candles to home scents and scented sachets for hangers. Each A.GO candle is handmade. It is made of soy wax, cotton wicks, and especially carefully selected odoriferous oils. A.GO also made a limited edition line of candles for Happimess charity.

I cannot wait to smell these fragrances myself one day. Cedarwood, Madagascar vanilla, coconut, musk are just some of my favourite scents that A.GO has to offer.

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All pictures belong to the brand.