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Mažūjų valdos - half day nursery school

This is not a commercial. I would like to make a review of a half-day nursery school, which we attended together with Vincentas recently. Its a perfect place if you want to change the everyday surroundings or socialize with other people together with your kid. As far as I know, it is the only half-day nursery school in Vilnius. The half day nursery school of Mazuju valdos is for Children and Moms and is a pre-school education program for enhanced intellectual education. During the half day, the children undergo three lessons, between them, they can play in the play room or have snacks, brought by their mothers. Sessions range from art sessions to exercises or other cognitive sessions.

Children from 9 months to 3-4 years old (depending on a specific half-day) are invited to the half-day nursery of Mazuju valdos for intelligent and entertaining education and socialization. You can only attend half-time nursery school with the accompanying person.

We have been going there with Vincentas for a couple months and will continue in the future. I met new friends there, so it is a good way for socializing not only for kids, but also for moms. The price for half-day nursery school is 80 euros for a month, however, it counts as a normal pre-school education, therefore its financed by the municipality of Vilnius. There is only one exception to this condition - only if your child is 1.5 years old or older. If you go there before, you will have to pay the full price. This is the condition, made by Mazuju valdos itself.

At the half-day nursery school, children enrich the encyclopedic knowledge of nature, history, geography and other important areas. Familiarize themselves with the folklore and culture of Lithuanians and other nations, music of different periods and composers, learn math learn to read draw, dance and does other sports enriches the language and expands the vocabulary learn to do homework themselves; improves the motorics learn languages communicates with specialists in different fields and does many other interesting and meaningful things.

Every child can achieve a lot. It all depends on the environment in which he or she grows and on people who surround the child. Reinforced intellectual education is just as important as love, relaxation, good nutrition. It's very easy to make important choices for the baby. Let the children use the childhood, "says Renata Lazdin, the owner and creator of Mazuju valdos.

You can find other programs at Mazuju valdos, such as "7 intellects" or the full day Nursery school.

More information can be found here.