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Voyage to Tenerife

My very good friend Ieva told me her 2 weeks holiday story in Tenerife. She traveled there with her man Saulius and their 7months old baby Benediktas (BG).

Tenerife is quite a popular destination among Lithuanians, especially in winter time.

Warm weather attracts many during cold Lithuanian winters. Temperature in this island ranges from 19-24°C during winter time, so its a good time to go if you are looking for some sunlight.

Ieva and her family chose November for her travels, because it's not too hot yet, the water in the ocean is warm enough to swim, and the prices are the most favorable, so the choice was easy.

They used Airbnb for accommodation as they wanted to avoid the most popular and turistic areas. First they stayed in the South, in the town called La Mareta, and later moved to North, therefore they tried two different apartments. In La Mareta, they lived in a gigantic house, which had a pool and views of the ocean, a dance floor and a large outdoor terrace where you could make a barbecue. The daily rate was just 13EUR!In the North, they were not so lucky with the apartment.

That is to say, there were some disadvantages of living away from the main areas - the closest supermarket was 1,5km away and without any proper pavements to walk there. But it was no problem for them as they used baby carrier to carry BG. Their recommendation is to rent a car as soon as you land at Tenerife, as you will need it to travel around the whole island anyway. TIP: when renting a car, avoid sites, like holidaycars.com, rather use local company Cicar.com, as they do not have any hidden taxes.

Since La Mareta is not as famous as Los Amerikos or Los Christianos, which reminds of Palanga a bit, they had an opportunity to enjoy wild beach and had amazing views of kitesurfers. It is a popular destination for them since it is more windy in La Mareta then in other South Tenerife spots.

What they liked the most when travelling around Tenerife:

1. Teide national park - this is the highest point in the Atlantic Ocean. However, they did not climb to the top of the hill as it is necessary to reserve tickets well in advance.

2. Masca road - this is a serpentine road with a scenic panorama. In general, Tenerife is a good place to test your driving skills, because there is a lot of hard-hitting, throbbing, and serpentine roads.

3. Whale or dolphin spotting on a boat - Ieva's dream was to do this. However, they only saw one type of dolphins. RECOMMENDATION: rathre try snorkeling or diving entertainment.

4. Las Montanas de Anaga - this is an amazing place for hiking (better with older kids). From the top of the mountains you will see a very beautiful landscape, small villages and other things you do not see when you are at the bottom of the mountains.

5. Los Gigantes - is a resort located on the west coast of Tenerife, in a quiet area, near the Puerto de Santiago and Playa de la Arena. Near the beach on the marina there are bars and restaurants and it overlooks the neighboring La Gomera Island and the Turquoise Blue Oceans. The restaurants offered good food and a pleasant environment for spending time with family or friends. TIP: try traditional dishes from the Canary Islands and different countries.

6. Loro and Siamo parks - they have not been there, but heard that Loro park is one of the best botanical and zoo park in Europe.

Last but not least, Ieva recommends to travel to Tenerife with older kids than BG. This is because of the indirects flights, strong winds, serpantine roads and long traveling distances. I would not agree with some of the points, because we travelled with our baby Vincent to Crete and you just have to adjust to the fact that you have a baby and he will not sit in a car as much as you do. He likes to move around and you either travel shorter or do not travel at all and just lay near the pool. I know that Ieva likes active holidays,

Another TIP Ieva would like to stress: take comfortable shoes with you, carrying a baby up and down the steps can be slippery, therefore be extremely cautious.

Diapers TIP: carry some extra with you from your homeland in case you run out and end up in a place where only small stores are around.

With regards to the food, Ieva and her family was not very successful in finding good eating places. But they heard that it is possible to find some good restaurants.

Overall, Tenerife is a place, where babies are very welcome and will be greeted with local smiles.

All pics belong to Ieva's family.