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Voyage to Esperanza Resort & Spa, Trakai

IDW Esperanza Resort is designed to help guests relax, escape, and be pampered. That is exactly how we felt during our weekend getaway there. On the way back home, I realized that I was totally gone for the whole weekend and forgot my daily routine.

This is not an advert, its just my personal opinion about Esperanza. We like to go and try out new places, and Esperanza was one of the few we still have not been to. This might have been due to the fact, that previously it was not so open to the public, but since the owners of the place changed, their policy has also changed. Before, you could access Esperanza Resort only if you had "Small Luxury Hotels of the World" club membership, as this hotel belongs to this luxury boutique hotels & resorts club.

So what did we like there and what was not so likable?

First, the feeling of being pampered - which mum or dad, growing a toddler, would not like to be pampered? From arriving to the reception, where they welcome you and drive your car away to massage at the SPA, smiles everywhere you go, and the feeling that would do anything to make you happy.

Resort itself offers stunning natural beauty, gourmet cuisine, a fabulous spa, private beach, a pool & tennis courts. Of course, the latter ones are more of a use during summer time, but in winter, you could walk around the resort, admiring the frozen lake and other winter views. It was snowing during our weekend there, therefore we felt like in a real winter wonderland :)

We booked our stay there through Booking.com, double room, including breakfast. The price was standard - the same as in other SPAs in Lithuania. The room itself looked quite old-fashioned, even though the hotel is quite new. Still, all furniture from top brands, toiletries and pictures on the wall - just not for my taste...

What we did not like was the commuting part - in order to go somewhere from your room, you had to take a lift or stairs, which is outside. That causes extra dressing up parts for yourself and your kid, which is not very comfortable. Breakfast, dinner, SPA - all located in different buildings. In summer time it might be ok, however, there is not much of a warm summer in Lithuania recently. I really like when you leave all your jackets away and can walk in your bathrobe straight to the SPA for example.

Other than that, the food at the breakfast table was amazing. We have not tried dinner, as we arrived quite late to the hotel, and had some "kibinai", when passing through Trakai. However, we saw that people, who attended the dinner were dressed really smart - evening dresses, suits, no jeans. Not sure if I would like to attend such restaurant in jeans and especially with a kid. I might be wrong, however.

With regards to kids, I heard that they have a kids room - but totally forgot about it, and noone informed us about that, therefore we did not try it.

SPA on a Sunday was the best - clean, warm and very relaxing. Plenty of people, though, but we found some place for us too. We also tried full body massages - that is where I lost myself totally, thanks for the Thai lady :)

Verdict - lovely place, would love to come in the summer time, try their local beach and summer restaurants. Thank you Esperanza!