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"Kuria vaikai" - creativity development studio

Kuria vaikai is a Childs Creativity Development studio. Myself and Vincent visited this studio for 1 month, because we received good recommendations from friends and from "Mamyciu klubas".

What happens when you mix lemon, soda, liquid paint and ... CHILDREN? You probably do not want this happening in your home. And as for your kid - who would not love that?! Kuria vaikai education studio is the place where children can play, create, and, most importantly, have fun! It is the place to cultivate the qualities that are necessary for the development of creative personalities.

We came here mostly because of an interest to try something new but also because I noticed that Vincent is not into arts as such. We tried drawing, "getting dirty" with paint and other stuff, but he was not impressed most of the times and would just run away from those kind of activities. Besides, his face expression would tell me like 'eeew - I do not want to touch that" - very funny. So I thought that going to "Kuria vaikai" would improve his interest into arts. Did it happen? I am still not sure - not a significant improvement, you will see from some of his expressions in the pictures below. And its ok - its not that I want to force him into it, just wanted to show him that other kids do get dirty by painting, drawing or allocating different things.

So about the studio itself - it is located in the most beautiful surroundings - next to St. Peter & Povilas church in Antakalnis. The representatives of the studio in Vilnius are also the tutors and great companions to mothers as well as children. They are both very down to earth mothers, thus its ok to ask them any kind of question or give a tip from your side. For example, a travel tip or recommendation, which I did of course and hopefully inspired you to travel :)

With regards to exercises, your child has a total creativity development freedom. There is no right or wrong when it comes to creativity, they want fantasy to do the work. This studio will make the entire creativity process as a game, however, your child will also play real games - engaging, relaxing and educating emotional intelligence, courage, critical thinking and communication skills. And the games will always be different - especially the means to play the games with - spaghetti, pearl barley, chia pudding, starch, rice, soap foam - just to name a few. All child friendly, mostly edible and safe under supervision of accompanying parent.

There are different age groups, which you can attend, depending on your child's age. Besides, the studio is not only in Vilnius, but in Kaunas and Klaipeda.

Find them here: http://www.kuriavaikai.lt/

All in all, it is a great studio and we really enjoyed going there, have a look at the pictures: