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Voyage to Alicante, Spain

Our February getaway to Alicante in south of Spain was just amazing...

I am sure you already know that I love traveling and exploring new places & this trip was full of that. My husband is a fan of slow holidays next to the pool, but I am more of an explorer type. Of course, its hard to explore to the most when you travel with a kid, but we managed it quite well I must say. Even though it was quite hard sometimes to keep Vincentas still in a car's seat. How did we do that? Well, it is the same solution as when traveling by plane for example.

First TIP is to plan your trip in advance - know well when your child might go to sleep, prepare some snacks, books, toys or games to keep him interested and busy if he decides to stay awake.

We used to make one trip at a day to nearby cities (1-2 hours away from Alicante). Benidorm, Calpe, Valencia, Cartagena, Torrevieja & Murcia are the cities that we visited. South of Spain is great for traveling around by car - not so many mountains, or serpentine roads, which can totally make you or the kid sick.

Some other details about the trip:


How to get there: direct flight with Ryanair from Kaunas to Alicante

Duration: 3.5 hours

How much does it cost: 30EUR for an adult (if you are lucky) & 20EUR for a toddler return ticket!

How long to go there for: we stayed there for 7 days, but you can come back after 3 days as the flights are on Saturdays & Wednesdays


The weather was great compared to Lithuanian weather in February:15-21°C during the day and 10-14°C during the night (-20°C in Lithuania). Plenty of sun, warm breezes, sandy beaches and cool ocean.


If you are planning to move around, the best is to rent a car. One of the best company to use - OK Rent a car - I read quite a lot about renting a car in Alicante, this had the best reviews. We were offered an upgrade to our original car for the same price, and it was great. You can use public transport, like buses or trains, but I researched that in winter time they might have their own schedules. Which means that it might be hard to get hold of them (siesta, mañana, etc). However, being there myself, I must say that at least in Alicante, it was running quite normal (we used airport bus a few times). Maybe in other more touristic places it might be true, but in big cities like Alicante or Valencia, which are not very affected by the holiday seasons, its not the case.


Plenty of places to choose from. We chose Melia hotel, one of the best rated hotels in the area. And I have nothing bad to say about it - perfect location, friendly staff, comfy rooms and ok food. I say ok, because breakfast choice was not to the standard of a 4* hotel. I've definitely seen better elsewhere. However, the view paid off everything - I would choose this hotel again, just because of the breakfast view...


Since we only had breakfast in our hotel, we took the opportunity to dine in the city other times. From pizza to fresh sea food, from Spanish to American, from fast food to Michelin star... Actually, all to the highest standards - I do not remember having a bad dinner a single time, all I can remember is fresh, good looking & delicious food. Do not check the pictures if you are hungry :)


All in all, it was a great family trip - during the 7 days we visited plenty of places, made loads of pictures, ate delicious food, caught some sunshine, laid on the beach and had some Sangria. Would I come back? A definite yes - plenty of places around left to explore, restaurants to try and sunshine to catch. Would I take a kid with me again?- why not, but might take my mum together to show her around and have some help with Vincentas.

Pictures speak louder than words, have a look yourself & do not hesitate to contact me if any questions about this kind of trip!