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Cosmos place

New place, well new for us - but it has been open for 1 year now. We did not go, since Vincent was too small for playrooms. This time we went to sing happy 1st birthday to them.

Cosmos Place. Vaikų centras has been created by my friend Darius, whom I met during my Erasmus studies in Belgium. He is the man behind some other great places and events in Vilnius, but this post is about Cosmos - the 1st Children's Day Recreation and Education Center with an interactive educational space.

With the help of cutting-edge innovative technology, Cosmos place strives to awaken the creativity and curiosity of children from the very small days.

I am not well aware of other places like this in Vilnius or even Lithuania, since we have not been to many yet. But from those that I have been to, this is the only one that is so interactive, modern and fashion forward. And I am not saying that because Darius is my friend, this is my personal opinion - Vincentas loved the interactive part, where he tried to catch the damn with his shadow. He also really liked the ball pool and musical ropes, which were playing music as soon as you move them.

Cosmos place. Vaikų centras is interesting not only for kids but for their parents as well. I did not feel like I was in children playroom, I was interested in most of the activities myself. Especially the mirror room and the interactive screen room.

Besides, Cosmos place offers you to try snacks, desserts or cakes from PORCIJA. A really cool food supplier, which I have been waiting to try out for so long. And we did - the honey crumb birthday cake from Porcija, was just amazing. Perfect for birthday parties or any other gatherings. I cannot wait to try their other food one day.

I definitely recommend this place to everyone, go try something new, taste some great food or just make that perfect Instagram shot. Happy 1st birthday guys!