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Vaikų reikalai trip to the Netherlands

Vaikų reikalai is in my opinion one of the best developed blogs about kids & their business in Lithuania. I like it for its "straight-to-the-point" posts, good quality pictures & stories that tell you all about lifestyle and parenthood. Kristina & Julija know what they are doing! They are "visiting" our blog in order to tell all about their recent travels to the Netherlands.

They travelled to the Netherlands in order to visit Kristina's brother and his family, who lives there already for 6 years. In order to save some money, (and you do want to save money when you have kids), its more cost efficient to visit countries where you have some relatives or friends. You can just crash at their place and do not pay for accommodation elsewhere. "We like to combine traveling together with visiting our closest ones", - says Kristina. Besides, Netherlands was the country, where they have not been before.

Otherwise, "we are not very demanding when it comes to accommodation", - says Kristina. If they travel with a dog, they are looking for a pet-friendly place, if they are going near the sea, they try to book a hotel close to the beach. Price plays an important role as well. In general, they prefer sightseeing vacation rather than beach holidays.

This is only the second trip that they have made together with Julija. First trip was to Spain when she was 3 years old - quite late, I must stay, knowing how much other people travel with newlyborns. But it is up to everyone how much they are willing or able to travel. During the first trip, they got really tired traveling with friends and their kids in a car and decided that it is too early to make such trips with a child. Therefore, Kristina was a little bit stressed before this trip, but it was no need, as it was much easier this time. Julija is 4 years old now and can walk much longer distances on her own, she eats everything and adapts to new places quite well. So no, its not hard to travel with her - unless she is tired or hungry.

Which cities did they visit in the Netherlands? Schiedam, which is on the border of Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Scheveningen, Delft, Utrecht & Kinderdijk village, which has the biggest amount of the windmills (19) in one place. The Netherlands has a smaller area than Lithuania, so the distances are quite small and can be visited in just a few days.

The main advantages of this trip was having someone local, who knows all the best places to visit. Also, quite a short & direct 2 hours flight from Lithuania, which is easy to survive with a kid. Julija did really well.

Disadvantages were expensive museum tickets (from 16EUR per person), quite costly cruise through the canals of Amsterdam (around 16EUR per person). Although, if your child is still under 4 years of age, everything should be free of charge.

The best memory from the trip comes from taking Ferris Wheel De Pier in the Scheveningen Observatory on the seafront, overlooking the North Sea, the beach and Scheveningen Kurhauz.

Julija & Kristina would definitely recommend the Netherlands to you. Just because of the Children Science Center NEMO, which is in Amsterdam. Also, its a pity they did not make it to the Rotterdam zoo and Beekse Bergen Safari park. Its well worth to pay a visit there as well.

Check their travel pictures below.

Photo credit: @vaikureikalai