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Winter voyage to Austria with Laura Mazaliene & her family

You might think winter is over, but not on our blog! I love the possibility to experience the changing seasons, I hope you too! This time, the story goes to Kaltenbach, Tirol, Austria. I have interviewed a lovely mother, wife, entrepreneur, owner of Mamų radijas & simply a nice person Laura Mazaliene.

Laura and her family, husband Šarūnas, and two daugthers: Deimilė (2.8 months) & Aurėja(9 months) has a tradition to go on holidays twice during the year. Once to cold countries, once to warm countries. "Its a tradition already",- says Laura.

The main advantage of this trip was that they could spend time with their closest ones. As in this trip they had a big company of brothers, sisters, second halves, kids, grandparents traveling together. "It was very nice to gather together near the dinner table and share some nice stories",- says Laura. In her opinion its very good to choose mountains for your holidays, as the air in the mountains is essential not only for the body, but also for the soul. You can find the inner piece of mind there, feel the world of magic. Laura does not really like winter season, but in the mountains its different - you can sunbathe there!

Some minuses of trip were that the more the people you travel with, the more the opinions each will have, so its difficult to agree on things. Suggestion to avoid this would be to travel maximum with another couple & their kids.

When it comes to accommodation, the tip would be to choose apartments not high in the mountains, when traveling with children. There are no shops, no walking paths, etc. "Our apartments were great, but more suitable for people, who do not have kids", says Laura.

On the other hand, they had a great playground nearby the apartment, which was very suitable to keep those little ones occupied. Also, its important to mention that every family had a separate bedroom, and children were sleeping in their cots.

Differently from Vincentsvoyage's another travel story from Agne Gilyte, who traveled more freely in Thailand, Laura cannot imagine sleeping with two kids in one bed. The holiday would be ruined for everyone, according to her. Besides, they had a feeding chair and the stairs to the second floor of the apartments were closed with gates. Therefore it was totally a kid friendly apartment.

Traveling to Laura is going out of your comfort zone. Unless you travel more often than twice a year, which becomes a routine to you. Traveling with kids is no easy, but it all depends on how you look at it, according to Laura. They changed two airplanes and drove another 200km to reach their destination in Austria. Deimilė and Aurėja kept up well with the traveling, maybe because Laura was calm herself during the trip. She thinks that traveling is a big adventure to the kids, they still talk about how they flew with two planes and lived high in the mountains."Every difficulty can be turned into an interesting experience",-says Laura.

Laura has already been to Austria before - she visited Insbruck the first time she was there and really recommends it to other travellers.

The best memory from this trip is that Laura started skiing. And overcome the fear of height. She is still fighting with the fear of speed, but the start has already been made.

Another great memory was that her daughter Deimilė, who is only two years old started snowboarding!However, she was not much into it, as sticking a snowman together was more interesting to her.

Overall, when it comes to traveling & deciding whether to take kids with you, Laura recommends to take them together. Of course, it will be more difficult to travel with kids, but much more exciting and fun."They make you forget work and technologies and be here and now", says Laura.

Photo credit Laura's personal archive