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Miami & the Bahamas with Egle Balčiūnaite-Babunašvili & LabasLukai

On this travel story I would like to introduce you a special woman, an inspiration to all of us, an example of a perfect wife, mother and a style guide to many of us. Eglė Balčiūnaitė-Babunašvili, her husband & their toddler son Lukas told me all about their holidays in Miami & the Bahamas, USA. Lukas is also famous for being the main character in a personal blog, created by Egle "Labas Lukai".

Nearly all of their travel directions are born unexpectedly, without long planning sessions. "I like to make it easy and spontaneous at the same time", - says Eglė. However, most often they go to warm and sunny destinations.

The best thing when traveling with a kid is the feeling of fulfilment. You do no need to check your phone every 5 minutes, because all the people you care the most are next to you. The main disadvantage of taking your child together is that you will most likely need another holiday after this holiday :)

Accommodation wise, Eglė does not remember a time when they stayed in a hotel longer than one or two nights. In most of the trips they rent a vila or an apartment, which is most comfortable when traveling with a child. On this trip, they stayed at an amazing vila in the Bahamas, Eleuthera island. This vila was built by the British writer & traveler Rosita Forbes as per the French chateaux principles. Vila is on the oceanfront, the sand on the beach is coloured in pink by the sea shells, and the sunsets or sunrises were just taking your breath away.

When I asked Eglė whether it is hard to travel with a child, she responded that it all depends on your mindset. "If you think that it is going to be difficult, then it is going to be difficult. But if you have already decided to take your child with you, then there is nothing to complain about, right?", - said Eglė.

Together with her husband Eglė like to explore the place they are traveling to. They do not like settled holidays, where you sit at one place. Sightseeing, tasting & hearing the more things the better.

One of the craziest adventure happened last year a day before Easter. Eglė and her husband with a few other family members were holidaying in Spain. At the end of the holiday, her husband left a few days earlier and herself with Lukas were getting ready to go home soon as well...However, two hours before the flight Eglė realised that their passports are in the backpack of her husband, who left a few days ago! They did not manage to catch that plane, but still managed to attend the Easter breakfast the other day.

In Miami, everything is very American, if you have been there, you know what Eglė is talking about. But even that has its own charm. From all the times that Eglė has been to the United States, the country has been friendly to her. This time, when traveling with Lukas, everything came out even better, easier and more memorising. What she would like to recommend the most is the island of Eleuthera, one of the Bahamas central islands. "Its a magical place, nothing else to add, you have to feel it and see it with your own eyes", - responded Eglė.

When Eglė looks back at holiday pictures, the best memory from all the trips, undoubtedly, is the unmatched smiles of them all. "I am more happy during holidays, than normally, and I think Lukas will soon take over this feeling too", smiled Eglė.

Thank you to Egle for sharing her story with us!

Photo credit: Eglė's personal archive