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Beautiful Croatia with a 5 months old baby

Vincentsvoyage travel blog is not only about our family travels, but also about your travels! I want to gather as many travellers with kids here as possible and present the most interesting and exotic destinations. Do not hesitate contacting me to share your travel story with us!

Simona contacted me via Vincentsvoyage on Facebook wanting to share their travel story from Croatia. They are fresh new family – Simona, Valentas and little Meda (5 months old). They love discovering everything: new places, things and experiences. They love making pictures and videos. They are both passionate about active, mindful and healthy lifestyle and they run a facebook page Toks Tyras.

Travelling is something amazing for this family. It keeps them going. They enjoy new experiences and of course beautiful places. This saying is very true and they love it “when you think you know a lot, go somewhere new and start learning again”. This was exactly like this with their first trip and their new family member.

They have always been planning trips themselves. It gives them freedom and … challenges. They know what they like and what they don’t like so they can plan everything accordingly. They have already been to a few road trips in several different countries when they were on their own and they enjoyed this type of travelling. Also, comfort of your own car with a baby is quite important. They could plan all their time and activities as they wished which is really important when traveling with the child as well.

The advantages of this trip were the amazing weather, really good choice of country and they were very happy that they made up a really good plan and route. Travelling with their own car was also an advantage. They made a really good choice with a travel buggy and an ergonomic baby carrier – that made theirs and Meda’s time much more enjoyable. Simona couldn’t think of any disadvantages.

With regards to accommodation, they wanted to stay in apartments rather than a hotel room. They wanted to have their own space, feel more like at home. So they booked all the places on Airbnb. They wanted apartments with a terrace or a balcony so that they can chill and relax because they knew that they will need some lazy and quiet time at home more than usually. Moreover, one of the goals of this trip was to see a sunset in Zadar. In 1964 Alfred Hitchcock visited Zadar and said that “The sunset of Zadar is the world’s most beautiful and incomparably better than in Key West, Florida”. So the terrace in Zadar was a must! And they were very lucky and happy with the apartment in Zadar. Apartments in other two places were also amazing! With nice space for chilling for all of them, with king size beds for a good night’s sleep. Nice and clean, newly refurbished.

Was it not hard to travel with a 5 month old baby? "We can’t say it is easy or hard, it is different", - said Simona. Of course, first time was a bit challenging and everything was new. The most difficult part is seeing your baby not happy or tired. But luckily they didn’t have too many moments like that.

Advantage of traveling with kids is probably mainly emotional. It feels so good to share the joy together, to spend the time together. People around noticed their baby a lot and there are so many opportunities to have a chit-chat with nice people. Challenge is that sometimes you may feel a bit restricted and not independent anymore. All the decisions have to be made differently now. Their little traveler for example, didn’t like the car seat at all. So they had to make all the plans around that, to make the timing and driving distances right.

The best and most beautiful memory from the trip was from the beginning of the holiday when they were in Zadar when they watched the sunset. It was truly beautiful! Meda was already sleeping peacefully and Simona together with Valentas quickly went out to terrace to see that beautiful spectacle. That moment they were so happy and grateful!

The funny story was when they were driving by the coast from Krk to Pula and stopped to have lunch. They already knew that fish in Croatia is amazing so they ordered grilled fish. However, the timing and the type of fish they ordered were not to our luck. It was Meda’s nap time so Simona ate her meal quickly and rushed to the car to get ready for the nap. Unfortunately, Valentas fish was full of bones and he wanted to eat it quickly so he ate it with the bones! Not the cheapest meal as well but that’s what happens when you travel with kids. Poor Valentas!

In summer it gets really hot and busy with a lot of tourists in Croatia. As they are not big fans of heat and crowds, this time was the best time to travel in Croatia. They loved it! They went there at the end of April and the weather was really nice, felt like nice summer. Places were not too crowded. They definitely recommend Croatia! It is beautiful and it has options for different types of holiday depending on the preferences.

Check their amazing pictures!

Photo credit: personal archive