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First trip of the twins Aras & Dangis to Bari, Italy

Agnė is my colleague, friend, she is also a wife and the mother of twins Aras & Dangis. I asked her to tell all about their first short trip to Bati, Italy.

Agnė and her husband have been travelling quite a lot in Italy and „shoe heel“ and Bari area was the one they haven‘t been to yet. As it was a first trip with their boys the choice was simple - direct ant relatively short flight (2hours and a bit), warm and summer like weather for the end of April, great variety of cultural sightseeing spots and all Italian goodness. They have chosen Monopoli for their stay, which is a small city around 50km from Bari, with a cosy oldtown and a port. They have rented a flat in the heart of oldtown facing Piazza Garibaldi on one side and port on the other side. The location was great with minor disadvantages of third floor (their own choice by the way, not too comfortable with two babies and all stuff ) and always full public parking. The rest was great, they have been enjoying the proximity of interest points, food spots and long evenings on the rooftop terrace. Travelling with their boys was really fun, they seemed enjoying it just as they did. They loved the attention people where bringing and Agnė hopes views of new sceneries somehow impressed them too. They only needed to ensure food and sleep in a timely manner. They kept same ‚home‘ food & sleep routine for boys which really simplified daily planning and allowed to travel around stress free and in a good smiley mood. Logistics was simple with a rental car. For this trip they have chosen to visit places distant max 1 hour from their spot Monopoli to avoid any inconveniences with their babies ‚schedule‘. They have visited Alberobello, Ostuni, Polignano A Mare. Of course, they have not skipped the beaches and spent few afternoons with their feet in the sand around Monopoli. And there are still so many sites and places left worth visiting! It was easy and fun to travel around, Bari surroundings can be a great choice for family holidays. It can well suit beach lovers as well as active travellers including smallest explorers. Agnė together with her family is definitely coming back and keeping ‚the heel’ in mind for their next autumn getaway.

Check their lovely pictures below.

Photo credit: Agnė's personal archive