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Magical Nida, Lithuania

During the summertime, when the weather can become really hot abroad, our family likes to stay in Lithuania. Summers in Lithuania usually have characteristics of warm weather, not too hot, but can become too wet sometimes, because of the rain. However, this summer started really early for us - already during the month of May we had more than 20-25°C. Therefore it was a good opportunity to have small vacation next to the seaside.

There are so many beautiful places to visit locally, and one of them is the magical Neringa, comprising several villages in the Curonian Spit. We stayed at a Nida resort town, located between the Curonian Lagoon and the Baltic Sea. It is the westernmost point of Lithuania and the Baltic states, close to the border with the Russian Kaliningrad Oblast exclave.

In order to reach Neringa, you have to take a ferry (~12EUR per car). Minutes later, you have to pay an ecological tax for entering Neringa by car (5EUR off-season, 20EUR per season). Accommodation wise, we stayed at our friends apartments at Purvynės street, however there are plenty of places to rent on Airbnb or Booking.com. Eating out prices are nearly the same as in other Lithuanian cities.

During the season (June to August), Nida is packed with people. Since May is still off-season, there were not so many people around and most of the dinner places or other attractions were not yet open. However, because the weather was so good (we could not even go to the beach during the midday, because it was too hot), we enjoyed our time there to the most.

I especially like Nida and other Curonian Spit villages for its white sand beaches, fresh air and the magic it has all around. You just feel really good there. It is probably my favourite holiday destination in Lithuania. Another famous resort Palanga is also nice, however it does not have the same aura as Nida does. You have to go there yourself and feel it, if you have not been there yet.

Nida is perfect for holidaying with kids. There are plenty of paths to stroll around, plenty of kids attractions, like swings, sport installations or ice cream stops. And of course, the beach with its enormous amounts of sand and Baltic sea nearby. Even though the sea was too cold this time, we built an inflatable swimming pool and kids loved it.

The only disadvantage I could think of is that the beach is a bit far from the city. You have to walk for at least 20 minutes to reach it. There is no accommodation next to the beach because the city is separated with forest from the beach. As a result, kids can become bored or tired just from walking there or back. You can also take a taxi or a tuk-tuk (Indian car) to move around.

Moreover, there is a Sea Museum & Dolphinarium near the town of Smiltynė. The Lithuanian Sea Museum is one of the most popular museums in the country attracting about half a million visitors per year. The best time to visit it is as soon as you leave the ferry from Klaipėda town. We visited it this time, managed to attend the Dolphin show and everyone loved it.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Curonian Spit for your next travel destination. Not only because it is part of the Unesco World Heritage Convention, but also because of all the other reasons I mentioned above.

Photo credit: my own personal archive