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Baby girl Rusnė in Mallorca island, Spain

Rasa is my friend from Kaunas, a wife and a mother of 7 months old baby girl Rusnė. Together with her husband they are sports lovers, especially basketball lovers.

Traveling to Rasa and her family is like fresh air, it gives freedom and different spice to life.

Usually they like to plan their trips themselves, but this time they used up a gift coupon from a travel agency Tez Tour. Therefore the selection was from the travel packages that the agency offered. Also, they were planning to travel together with another family, who gave priority to Mallorca, however, it turned out that the other family could not travel together.

The main advantages of such kind of trip was a direct flight from Vilnius to Palma Mallorca by Small Planet Airlines, which is very important when traveling with a baby for the first time. In addition, short airport to hotel transfer time and the hotel, which was totally family friendly.

When selecting accommodation, it was very important to have a baby friendly apartment. Therefore, they chose an apartment type room in Occidental Cala Vinas 4* hotel. It was very handy to have a kitchen together with a sitting room - to prepare food for the baby as well as rest when needed. Also the food was really good in the hotel restaurant, the children's play area and the location of the hotel.

They thought that they will spend most of the time in a hotel territory, but already on the next day they went sightseeing. "Children do not change the spirit of the traveller. New discoveries and experience inspire a lot", - says Rasa.

It was not very difficult to travel with a baby. It all depends on how you prepare for it and how you look at each situation. Traveling with a family is very familiar for Rasa, because she used to do it a lot with her own parents. Of course, when traveling with a baby you have to get used to the fact that not every time you will have a proper meal together with your second half. However, it is the same in a daily life as well. Also, you need to take into account, that you will not be able to do long car trips, since baby needs to take a break from time to time.

The best memory from the trip was how Rusnė got acquainted with the sea and her first swim.

Rasa and her family would definitely recommend Mallorca to everyone traveling with kids. Mallorca has a perfect set: beautiful nature, sandy beaches, warm sea, delicious food and architectural heritage. It is very convenient to travel the island by car as it is not too big. Besides, the weather in May is perfect when traveling with the little ones. Just travel!

Photo credit - Rasa's personal album