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Family holidays in Corfu island, Greece

Corfu or Kerkyra is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea. It is the second largest of the Ionian Islands, and, including its small satellite islands, forms the northwesternmost part of Greece.

Corfu is studded with whitewashed houses, Byzantine churches, and the remains of Venetian fortresses and Greek temples. Corfu has a hot-summer Mediterranean climate, with yearly average temperatures of 22°C.

Dalia, Tomas and their 2 year old daughter Smiltė travelled to Corfu in spring 2018. This trip was a surprise birthday present from her husband.

The main advantage of the trip was a direct 2,5hours flight from Lithuania to Corfu by Ryanair. The weather in May was perfect with 21-27°C. The Greek food was well appreciated by the whole family. Tripadvisor's recommendations played as a good advice when choosing dinner places. Most of the restaurants are situated on the pier with a sea view and that gives an extra taste to the food you eat. Prices of the food are not too bad - for example, you can get a seafood platter for 14€ per person.

With regards to accommodation, the family chose a hotel close to the sea and not too far from he city centre.

According to Dalia, "every trip with a child is a little challenge." Holiday trips, where you can lie near the pool with a book have been forgotten long time ago. Smiltė is a very active child and cannot stay still in one place for a long time. Besides, the whole family is very active and during the holidays they want to see as much as they can as well as travel around. Usually, they choose short car trips when traveling with Smilte. If needed, small stops can be made, therefore it is not hard to travel with a kid - you just have to adjust to it.

The best memory from this trip was a hike through the mountains to Porto Timoni beach with Smilte on the shoulders. The paths of the mountains were not very touristic, but the family reached their goal and in the end they said that the climb was all worth it. The view was incredible - two bays were separated by a narrow beach.

They definitely recommend visiting Corfu with your child!

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