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8 warm, direct & cheap winter destinations from Lithuania

Winter is on the corner and I would like to share with you some warm winter destinations, which can be reached from Lithuania with direct flights. These are all self-arranged trips, that can be booked either with Ryanair or Wizzair airlines.

Below are the return routes per adult either from Vilnius or Kaunas airports ranged from warmest to less warm destinations and including only hand luggage. Prices of the tickets might have changed since the ones stated here due to high demand.

Average temperatures are those of the month of December.

From Vilnius:

1. Morocco (Agadir) - from 130 EUR (Wizzair). Temp 22°C

2. Cyprus (Larnaca) - from 80 EUR (Wizzair). Temp 18°C

3. Malta (Luqa) - from 74 EUR (Ryanair). Temp 18°C

4. Israel (Tel Aviv) - from 78 EUR (Wizzair). Temp 18°C

5. Jordan (Amman) - from 45 EUR (Ryanair). Temp 14°C

From Kaunas:

1. Cyprus (Paphos) - from 52 EUR (Ryanair). Temp 19°C

2. Israel (Eilat) - from 52 EUR (Ryanair). Temp 20°C

Israel (Tel Aviv) - from 44 EUR (Ryanair). Temp 18°C

3. Spain (Alicante) - from 58 EUR (Ryanair). Temp 18°C

4. Italy (Naples) - from 43 EUR (Ryanair). Temp 13°C

All of those destinations has its own beauty, advantages and disadvantages. Bear in mind, that most of those destinations are summer routes, therefore in winter most of the places will be closed because it is off season. However, at those routes there are cities which are fully accommodated, and fully in business.

Still, the beauty of those places stay, except for less tourists around and cheaper prices overall!

Other routes, like Alicante, Agadir, or Tel Aviv are ready to welcome you like in high season and show its treasures to the most. So where are you traveling next?

With regards to accommodation - all depends on your preferences - I prefer to use Booking.com for hotel booking or Airbnb for villas/apartments.

Feel free to contact me for more info or just book the tickets and travel! I am going to do the same, those prices are a bargain!

Pictures above are borrowed from the Internet