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Last minute trip to Turkey

This year we had a long weekend starting1st of November and since it was already cold in Lithuania, we decided to take a last minute trip somewhere warm. Our choice was Turkey - since it had really good last minute deals.

What is last minute? Well for us it meant booking our flight 2 weeks before the holiday. It can mean anything - from booking a trip a few hours or a few days before trip.

We booked via travel agency called West Express on behalf of Novaturas. I would book via other companies as well, just that we know a travel agent there, who booked some other trips for us before and we were happy with her advice.

So last minute is good for people like us, who take decisions promptly and decide things last minute. For people, who have kids, and want to take a break from a daily routine.

Personally, I like to plan trips in various ways, be it through a travel agency, travel agent or planned by myself. Booking through an agency reduces work you have to do while planning, as a good travel agent usually knows where and how to travel, especially with kids. However, I still tend to search for hotels myself and suggest them to a travel agent. I tend to be picky and like to choose the best according to our needs and the budget of course.

This time it was quite easy to choose, as there were some really good deals from hotels in Turkey as the season was coming to an end there. Our flight was actually the last one and our hotel closed a few days after we left, while many other hotels around were already closed. So the season in Turkey usually starts in April and lasts till November. If the weather is still good, some hotels extend it for a longer time. In our case, it was around 30°C during the day, dropping to 22°C in the evenings. And the water temperature in the sea is still warm (23°C) end of season, warmer then at the beginning of the season in April. So we were really lucky, as the week before it was a lot of rain and not so warm...

There was no impact on us due to hotel closing in a few days, as all we were looking for is to catch some sun, taste some nice food, travel new places and just relax from our daily routines. The hotel was operating like in season, the only thing which was lacking was evening shows by professional teams. But the hotel substituted that with various disco's and live music during the evening.

So which hotel did we choose? "Rubi Platinum Spa Resort and Suite 5*" - have a look at the pictures, they speak louder than words :) There are many 5* hotels in Turkey and when it comes to choosing it all lands to what you prefer. I would not recommend going under 5*, as the quality decreases quite a lot - at least for my taste. We chose this hotel because of its own private sandy beach, good reviews, pool room choices and in general the looks of the hotel. Hotels in Turkey come in various shapes and tastes - I am sure you will find something for your taste.

Why Turkey?

- In Turkey you can get really good service;

- All inclusive choices, meaning you do not have to worry about looking for places to eat, which is especially useful when holidaying with kids. Our hotel offered food for 24 hours - from breakfast to dinner, lunches, picnics, desserts, various other snacks, ice cream bar, and of course drinks of various kinds. They will make sure you will never get hungry and check your will not to overeat :) However, if you do - there is a gym as well as professional exercise classes to keep you fit;

- No extra cash spent, unless you like to leave tips or want to buy some Turkish delight for the ones back home;

- Beautiful nature - there are various trips organized either by your travel agency, by hotel or local agencies. Rafting, sightseeing, shopping, Turkish hammam (sauna) - you decide where you want to go...

And in Turkey, the kids are really loved - there are various activities for them - from playgrounds outside, inside to swimming pools and water parks, from evening shows to mini discos with dressed up characters. In our hotel, kids even had their own separate house, with kitchen, sleeping rooms and of course playrooms. There is also a possibility to leave your child to a nanny if you wish to have some romantic dinner with your second half. And local people are so friendly towards kids, especially the little ones, you will be smiling all along.

So when deciding whether to take last minute trip or not, I suggest to check the weather, check the hotels and go for it! Just make sure you have travel insurance, be it from the bank or any insurance company, especially when traveling with kids. Kids get sick quickly and unexpectedly, better be secure than loose everything you spent when booking a trip in case you cannot travel.

Below are some of our holiday views, feel free to contact me for any info with regards to traveling to Turkey.