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From Naples to Sicily by car

I have noticed Mileta's travel pictures on Instagram and asked her to share her story with our readers. I have not written about Sicily before on the blog, therefore wanted to share their story with you. I have been to Sicily myself, maybe 7-8 years ago, and really liked it, but traveling with kids must be different, so let's dig into their story!

Mileta introduced herself as a mother of Majus, living in London for nearly 10 years. She is also an organizer of international art fair.

For a long time she dreamed of visiting the South of Italy, as she heard that it is very different from North of Italy. Even though South of Italy is not that rich, this part is very authentic - has its own culture and delicious food. Staying in one place looked boring to her family, therefore the decision was made to travel by car from Naples to Sicily and in such a way get to know this part of the country.

They took a direct flight to Naples, where the rental car was waiting for them and already the next day their trip started towards the Amalfi Coast. In general, I must say, that traveling by car in Italy is very comfortable, the highway is great, there are plenty of spots to stop by and plenty of nice views to look through the car window. We traveled the whole Sicily by car and really enjoyed it, the views were incredible.

During the two weeks of traveling, Mileta's family visited a lot of small towns, Positano was the one to remember the most. The last stop was Sicily and it was 800km away. In order to reach this distance with their son Majus, everything had to be carefully planned, so that the duration of each trip does not become longer than 2-3 hours. Their plan was to take trips during Majus' afternoon naps, but it was not always successful.

Traveling with a child can really become a challenge to the whole family, as the trips can become very intense. In order to avoid stress, Mileta likes to be carefully prepared. There is always something in her bag - fruits, snacks, books and in extra situations - an iPad.

I actually have the same attitude towards traveling with a child and therefore really recommend it to all of you - be prepared to avoid stress!

In general, when a child is rested, trips are not problematic, Mileta really values this time together. When on the plane, people are always surprised how calm Majus is - and this is because we, as parents try to align with his daily routine, rather then him aligning with our routines,- said Mileta.

The best part of this trip was the the family saw and visited a lot of places and not such a good part was that they did not have any recommendations, therefore sometimes were disappointed with food or places. They were even kicked out from one restaurant as they complained about the fish not being so fresh!

When it came to accommodation, Airbnb was their choice for renting apartments. When the stay was longer than 2 days, it was important for the family to have spacious apartment with a garden or a terrace. And when the stay was short, location was most important.

The best memory from this trip was the rescue mission of an injured cat, which they found next to one of the villa's they rented out. It was really bad so they had to take it straight to veterinarian instead of going to the seaside. After that, they took it home, washed it and since then lived in that villa all together. That was the most amazing and soft cat that Mileta has seen in her life. However, since to take the cat home by plane would be impossible, in a short period of time the family had to find new home and new master to it. So they were really happy when the owner of the apartment agreed to look after it and it is really sweet that Mileta receives the pictures of the cat until now!

Mileta would really recommend such trip to anyone else, and in general you can travel anywhere with kids, according to her. I could not agree more!

Thank you Mileta for sharing your story with us.

All the pictures belong to the family.