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Lake Como with a 2 year old

I noticed Egle's travel pictures also on Instagram, together with her perfect sense of style for her as well as towards her 2 year old daughter. She is an inspiration to many of us, check her instagram profile here.

When their daughter Dominyka was born, Egle together with her husband did not stop traveling. Therefore, Dominyka has already traveled 5 times together, - if they can, they always take her with them.

Even though, not everything is as perfect as it looks like - the family did not have a single flight without tears on Dominyka's eyes. Dominyka is a child, whom does not sleep on hands or on the chair, she even refuses to sleep on jetkids bedbox. She only prefers sleeping on the bed and if you cannot provide that to her, she will refuse to sleep.

This story is about their travels to Italy (Como region), which has already been visited 4 times by the family. First time with a child and many more to come... There is a direct flight from Vilnius to Milan and the price was ~100EUR (I have seen cheaper than that for sure). The flight was short, however the arrival was quite late, so the family spent the first night at the airport and only in the morning their traveling started with a rented car.

Nearly the whole time family lived in the town of Varrena, high in the middle of the mountain with incredible views at night. They choose accommodation via Airbnb.

"In general, lake Como is the most beautiful thing that me and my husband has ever seen (especially at night)", - said Egle. While in Varenna, you also must visit Villa Monastero, which has a wonderful garden together with a cafeteria.

Other must see towns according to Egle are: Menaggio, Bellagio (where most of the tourists are, most of the cafes and great vibe), Lierna, Lenno, Mandello del Lario (there is a playground for children). Egle does not recommend going further then Perledo. At the town of Varrena, next to the harbour there is also a small playground for your child.

The family had a goal to reach Villa del Balbianelo, which was up in the mountains. Therefore, she recommends taking a buggy when traveling with a child. While at the villa's gardens, you can enter it for free and stay there as much as you want, however the entrance to the villa is only accessible together with a tour. James Bond movie and Star Wars was filmed there.

They traveled everywhere by car and was mostly afraid of tears from their daughter as she is not a big fan of traveling in the car. However, new surroundings and impressions would make her so tired, that she would fall asleep after 10 minutes while being on the car. Dominyka would take a nap everytime while on the car, even though she only sleeps once during the day. In order not to drive around the lake, the family took a ferry to get to their destinations.

The only disadvantage of Como region - food. It was not tasty neither to parents nor to their daughter Dominyka - she was only alive from fries and gelato. So Egle's sincere recommendation is to be prepared for this and do the food shopping at the town Lecco, which has plenty of big food supermarkets. Little towns of Como region do not have big supermarkets, only small shops, which are usually closed during the weekends, during lunch or just closed, because they do not feel like working. There were plenty of situations, where they wanted to buy a banana, because their child is hungry and there was no such place. Therefore, be prepared with snacks, fruits or other foods in order to avoid such situations.

When traveling with a small child, the family decided to rent apartments. The main reason for this is kitchen. Dominyka is hungry as soon as she opens her eyes from night's sleep. The first place they stayed at was very authentic,- furniture, paintings, even kitchen was like in the old Italy. Second place was like from an IKEA catalogue, but in the city centre of Como, with street noise (already from 7am italians sit at the cafes and drink morning coffee. However, Egle would not choose Como as a place to stay for a second time, after Bellagio and Menagio beautiful views it did not leave an impression to the family.

What the family really regrets for not doing and recommends to all of us traveling to Como is to rent a speed boat and sail round the lake to see all the beautiful villas on the coastline. Egle did not want to take the risk of spending few hours on the swirling boat with a small child. If they go back there again, they would definitely sail around.

The most memorable moments come from the evenings at the terrace, when the daughter is already asleep and the parents have their own time with good wine and Italian delicacies. The best part of the day, since the view of Como at night is worth a million.

This was the first trip for the family with their daughter, when they chose traveling rather than lying near the pool next to palm trees. "It is very rewarding to see how your child reacts to each situation during traveling, how much she grows as a person after each trip", - said Egle. Since this kind of trip was very successful, the family is already planning another one to Spain.

Thank you very much for sharing your travel story!

Pictures speak louder than words, all from personal Egle's archive: