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SPA Vilnius Druskininkai

Since I have been receiving quite a few questions about this place, I decided to write a short review on it.

We visited this SPA already for the second time with our son Vincent. To be fair, I really did not like it for the 1st time we were there. Maybe because we came there right after staying at Vytautas mineral SPA in Birstonas.

However, I decided to give this place a second chance, since the first time we were there I had no time to try the massages and other Spa rituals. And one of my friends kept saying, that to her - this is the best place for massages. Also, Makalius offered quite a good deal, so I decided to go for it.

There is another SPA Vilnius in Anyksciai - but this is not about it. We are planning to visit that place some time later, so maybe I will write another post on that one too.

In short, the main advantages and disadvantages of this place were:

1. Totally kid's friendly, except for the SPA - swimming pool area. Everywhere you go, there are kid's corners, two kids rooms -playgrounds, they provide robe and even slippers for kids etc.

2. Very friendly and polite staff - it looks that they will do anything to accommodate your needs.

3. Amazing gluten-free bread, which you can also buy to take back home if you order it in advance.

4. Amazing home-made ice cream in their restaurant-bar, which also had live music on Saturday evening.

5. Nice atmosphere, clean rooms and comfy beds.

There were some minor marks, which I really did not like 1st time we were there, but some improved during our second visit:

1. No sign of baby/kids pool - kids swim in the same pool together with adults or have to use jacuzzi, which had plenty of fluorine in it. My eyes even started itching after 15 min we were there, so definitely not for your fragile baby skin.

2. The hotel itself is quite old and outdated (I used to go there when I was a kid with my parents) even though they are doing some renovations and keep improving.

3. The food in the restaurant is all continental, but I would say quite simple and not very innovative choices compared to the modern kitchen in Vytautas mineral SPA for instance. Although dinner was really good - there was fresh tuna and oysters served for the guests.

4. Do not get tricked on travel agencies like Makalius offers, like I did. The offer was for one-night stay with breakfast and dinner included as well as a few SPA rituals for the couple. I googled it, it looked like quite nice SPA rituals, however when I actually went to SPA, I got to know that the Sauna ritual I will have to do myself and bath ritual is just lying in bath for 15 min. Also the room that they offered was too small to fit the baby bed, so we had to go for an upgrade. We did not mind, but at the end I would say it added up just the same amount if we payed without any deal.

In general, I really like the town of Druskininkai, it has nice atmosphere, many parks, lakes, nice places to eat out and even wake boarding spot! Definitely worth a visit to take a walk with your family there.

However, I would rate this stay 4 out of 5 this time (missing 1 for not having kid's pool). I still give 5 out of 5 to Vytautas mineral SPA when evaluating your stay with kids.

Photo credit - personal archive