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Viva Brazil - holidays with a 3 year old!

Brazil! Such a colorful, warm and beautiful travel destination. The largest country in both South and Latin America. Brazil is the world's 5th largest country by area and the fifth most populous.

For me - it has been a dream destination for a long time, so when I noticed Kristina's travel pictures, I did not hesitate to contact her.

Kristina is 32 years old, lives in Germany and has a 3.5 year old daughter. They like to have a good time together and travel a lot. They chose Brazil because Kristina's husbands dad spends his winters in his own villa there. So it was easy to plan everything - they only had to buy the flight tickets.

They flew from Frankfurt Main with a connection in Paris and then to Fortaleza with Air France. The price of the tickets for the three of them was around 1800EUR.

They stayed in Paracuru which is a famous place for kite surfers. Kristina's husband is crazy about kite-surfing and therefore all the trips are usually planned next to the sea or ocean where he can kite-surf. Since they stayed at Paracuru for most of the time, they only visited a few local villages around it - Thaiba and Comboco. They have also traveled to a sand city, where you will not find a single street, only sand 200km around - the family really liked this experience and the views. They did all the traveling with a car.

Traveling with a daughter was not difficult at all, more fun, than difficult. Of course, sometimes there were whims, but this happens with any child and it is normal.

In general, Kristina does not remember any disadvantages of such trip - the weather is awesome, the heat is actually different than you are used to - it has a lot of humidity. In a way - it was hard to adapt for Kristina, she felt that liquids were accumulating under her skin - she felt heavy and swollen.

Beaches in the area they stayed were wonderful - full of palm forests - very beautiful indeed.

The best memory from this trip was the sand city and a few days in the beautiful villa on the mountains, where there is no one around only banana plantations, avocado and mango trees.

If you plan to travel Brazil with your child, Kristina suggests going there for at least 2-3 weeks, otherwise you will not have enough time to see Brazil to the fullest.

Thank you to Kristina for sharing, check their amazing travel pictures below.