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Winter in Marbella, Spain

Irena lives in Kaunas and is a mother of Domantas, who is nearly 1 year old.

This winter, they decided to visit Domantas's grandmother, who is living in Marbella. Since Spain and Andalusia has already been visited many times before, the goal of this trip was not to see something new, just spend time in good weather. December weather in Marbella is warm and sunny +18°C. Irena together with her son and their relatives spent 3 weeks there.

They took a direct Airbaltic flight from Riga to Malaga. It is a new destination from Riga and very comfortable. You can choose connections from Vilnius - Riga - Malaga or even Palanga - Riga - Malaga. The price of the flight - 100EUR one way. Besides, AirBaltic charges 80EUR for a child (even under 2 years old?!) which consists of a ticket itself of 20EUR and 60EUR fuel & airport charges.

Around Marbella, in Fuengiroloi, Irena recommends visiting a Zoo park called "Bio park". Even though Domantas is still a baby, but he was very impressed by the Zoo, they spent 6 hours there! Another memorable place was Nerja and a beautiful city Frigiliana. They travelled everywhere with a rented car, which was rented at the airport of Malaga.

When traveling with a baby, it is important to plan everything so that it does not coincide his eating or sleeping times.

Irena stayed at apartments, 6km from the city centre of Marbella, next to the sea. One tip on Spain, that Irena noticed - bear in mind that the floor in Spanish houses is usually made out of marble or tiles without the heating. So if your baby is still crawling, make sure he or she does not catch a cold.

"The best memory from those 3 weeks holidays was a daily routine, good home made food, Domantas' sleep next to the sea and a few minutes to myself",- said Irena.

Irena would definitely recommend Marbella to others traveling with children, it is a wonderful holiday destination, safe city, small, but cozy. It has beautiful old town, a few parks and a lot of local people spending time with kids.

Thank you to Irena for sharing!

Photo credit - personal archive.